The next General Election is October 17 – 23, 2016

Candidate Qualifications

  • Live in the City of Mississauga;
  • Live or go to school in the ward you wish to seek election in;
  • Be at least 14 years old as of January 1, 2017.
  • Be no older than 24 years old as of November 1, 2018.

How to Register

1. Read our Candidate Guide
The Candidate Guide contains everything you need to know including in-depth details on the nomination process, campaigning, election and responsibilities of a Youth Councillor.

2. Register on our website
Registering is how we track your candidate information, the votes you receive, and gives you eligibility to vote as well.

The last day to file a nomination is October 14, 2016. Don’t wait too long to file the form, as you’ll need enough time to recruit supporters!

3. Campaign!
Get your name out there and encourage youth to vote for you! Look at page 20 of our Candidate Guide for more information on how to campaign.


To maintain the integrity and legitimacy of our elections, there is a quorum of 100 voters per candidate running in each ward.

Example: If there are 3 candidates running in Ward 1, then quorum is 300 voters in total - not 300 votes for 1 candidate.

​Candidates running unopposed will be declared acclaimed as of Saturday, October 15, 2016.

How to Withdraw

If for any reason you wish to withdraw from the election please contact us and we will remove your name from the ballot. You will still be eligible to vote.

Name on Ballot

Candidate names are displayed in random order for each voter. Voters will be prompted to select their first choice, second choice, and third choice.

The Role of a Youth Councillor

As a Youth Councillor, you will amplify the voices of youth in your ward by raising awareness of important issues and striving for change in our city.

  • ATTEND monthly Youth Council meetings.
  • PARTICIPATE in 1 Youth Council committee.
  • PUBLISH a personal website or Facebook Page
  • SEND monthly email updates to your youth constituents (email list provided)
  • MEET 2 youth groups in your community
  • HOST 2 community town hall meetings
  • ORGANIZE 1 event and/or fundraiser
  • INTERACT monthly with your City Councillor
  • ATTEND a City Council Meeting
  • SHADOW your City Councillor
  • RECRUIT 36 new members

Want to be a Super Politician?! Here are some optional opportunities you can strive for:

  • WRITE opinion pieces for media outlets.
  • ATTEND conferences, policy conventions, meetings with MPs, MPPs, City Councillors, City staff, etc.
  • SPEAK to groups of youth to educate them about how to work within government systems.
  • CANVASS a portion of your Ward.
  • HOST a direct community engagement activity (town halls, policy roundtables, educational event, etc.)
  • ATTEND a meeting with a community leader.
  • MENTORSHIP with City Councillors and/or City Staff.
  • ATTEND 1 community event per month.
  • RESEARCH topics related to youth issues as necessary.
  • HOST 1 focus group of 5-7 people on a topic of interest each season (spring, summer, fall, winter)

How exactly will I accomplish all of this?

In addition to attending our monthly Youth Council meetings (which model the procedures of City Council meetings), we’ll help you get the word out about your causes and work towards your goals.

Throughout your term, you will develop relationships with decision-makers, gain practical experience in the field of public service, and have an opportunity to build your networks.

You will be expected to engage youth in your ward and empower them to affect positive change in their communities; develop a work-plan that has specific and measurable objectives; and learn how to use and share your privilege and power responsibly.

You need to be prepared to balance school, work, personal life, and your responsibilities to the youth in your community; you need to have a genuine interest in capacity building and community development; and you need to be innovative and willing to build consensus.

Look daunting? No worries! You will receive training, resources, and support from our administration team.

Candidate Nomination Form